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Harmonic Egg, Energy Genesis Resonance Chambers, and Sound Healing in the Sacramento Area

LightPathways Wellness Center is a Faith in Nature Based, Holistic Health, Private Membership Association (PMA). We believe that nature has designed our body and our natural world in a manner that allows for health and healing. We put our faith in nature and ourselves to help guide us in maintaining and achieving optimal health.

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Our purpose is to provide a service that will reduce stress as well as help boost your bodies immunity. Energy medicine is now being recognized as a viable way to support your body during these unprecedented times of uncertainty and change.

We Are Open for Resonance Chamber Sessions!

Here is how we are handling things for the moment…

PLEASE DO NOT make an appointment if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness. Keep yourself and others safe.

  • We are a non-invasive, no-touch modality. We are here to help those needing to build their immune system, stay out of fear, raise vibrations, de-stress and experience the ultimate in relaxation therapy.
  • We are offering both “on site” sessions as well as remote/distance sessions for those who are unable to come in to the center.

Remote / Distance Sessions Available

LightPathways has the option of doing remote/distance sessions. Although there is more power in physically being “in the resonance chamber” remote sessions are a great way to experience the magic of energy healing.

When might a remote session be advisable?

  • If you live out of the area
  • If you are unable to get transportation or physically make the drive to our center
  • If you have symptoms of illness that might infect others.

Click here to access the Remote/Distance Harmonic Egg Protocol for Client and Pets

We are excited to offer this incredible cutting-edge technology in the Sacramento area. The Harmonic Egg and Energy Genesis, non-invasively applies a combination of light, sound, frequency and vibration to quickly and safely reduce stress and allow your body to rebalance on a deep cellular level. The Harmonic Egg is a 12-sided dodecahedron egg, made of natural materials, where you recline in a zero-gravity chair surrounded by light, sound and vibration. The Energy Genesis is housed in a 360-degree wooden, sphere-shaped chamber that provides a comfortable space to rest quietly on your back. In both chambers you spend time relaxing and rejuvenating while listening to soothing, healing music. You may fall asleep which will not affect your results. Whether you are awake or asleep it’s working!

Our Commitment

At LightPathways strive to give you an amazing holistic modalities experience because we know you value your health and are committed to your personal wellness. We won’t mask symptoms with medications or even heal you for that matter. We are here to help you get your body to that place where it is able to quickly and properly heal itself by experiencing the Energy Resonance technology. However, please be aware that “quickly” does not mean you will experience complete change overnight. With any natural healing, it will take some time for your body to get the full results you are pursuing. Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience, while providing your body the opportunity to use its own innate healing ability to achieve optimal health and wellness. We are committed to working with you to reach your desired health, bring value to your life so that you can feel incredible, experience greater calm and peace, have abundant energy and live a healthier more vibrant life.

Praises and Testimonials

I Regained My Sense of Smell

I was a bit skeptical about the whole “Egg” concept and very anxious on my first visit. Deborah and Ryan made it nothing less than comfortable for me talking through every single fear of the “unknown” that I had. My first visit opened up my nasal passages allowing me to breathe like I haven’t been able to since my car accident and brain injury 6 years ago. I lost my sense of smell from the time of the accident but can now smell strong smells which is a whole new world for me! Something I thought I had lost forever!

I have done three sessions in the past few months foregoing my regular treatments of chiropractic and massage and I am elated to report that I am seeing such incredible results that I am going to be a bi-monthly regular as it seems to be a much safer, calmer, non-invasive approach than my other avenues I’ve been doing. It is much like going in for a massage, but no one is touching you! I love my time in the “Egg” to just decompress, relax, let go and release all the tensions, worries and anxieties I carry daily. Give it a try…You won’t be disappointed. I promise!


Release of Past Physical Trauma – Cellular Memory

The Energy Genesis session was more than relaxation for me. My first session was very emotional, not stressful, just a gentle journey inward. My second session was physical.

I experienced multiple sites of pain: foot, knee, shoulder, and side (ribs). This lasted for several minutes until I realized that every pain site was an injury from my past: foot surgery, knee injury, dislocated shoulder, and broken ribs. As soon as I made the connection that these were old injury sites, the pain dissipated almost immediately. I had experienced a healing of muscle and cell memory. I haven’t had a pain in any of those places since that session and I know that those injury sites are completely healed. Thank you, Energy Genesis!


Release and Rejuvenation – Migraine Bye-Bye

What can I say! You feel like you are going off in space, you enter this Egg Chamber and your chair tilts back and I always choose a blanket for myself!  Once the colors and music specially chosen for you begins, it is as if your body comes to life and you are having this completely unique and awesome experience with yourself! Sometimes I have had a lot of body sensations, imagery work such as seeing pictures or images or completely travel into another world or my favorite sanctuaries!  Once I even had one of the worst migraines ever and within 5 minutes it went away miraculously.

I love that there is a huge binder full of what you would like to give attention to and there are associated musical instruments and colors that may help enhance and heal whatever you would like to work on!  When the session is complete, I feel like I just had a massage, like something was released, or that I just woke up from the deepest sleep I have ever had!  Very rejuvenating and magical!


Doctor Took Me Off My Pills After Energy Genesis Sessions!

I took a very bad fall. The left side of my face was very bruised, swollen and I broke every blood vessel in my eye. I was also on the verge of diabetes and had high blood pressure. After two sessions the bruising and swelling was significantly better and all the red in my eye was gone. When I got home, I had to go back to see my doctor. My diabetes test was excellent and my blood pressure was normal. So, I was taken off all my pills.


Soul Massage…Energy Shifts…Beautiful Vision…Profound Message

I have been fortunate enough to have experienced multiple Egg sessions on separate sessions. Every session is a unique and profound healing experience depending on where you are on your life/soul journey… or if you have physical ailments. Set your intention and let go of any expectations and you will receive exactly what you need in the moment. Sometimes a deep soul massage, sometimes an energetic shift/alignments, and sometimes you swear “you didn’t fall asleep” but then wake up with a beautiful vision or a profound message to interpret. It is super safe, super intriguing and super fun! I absolutely love and highly recommend the Harmonic Egg to anyone, any age…or any species!


Deep Connection to Source – Spirituality

As far as my treatments, I must emphasize that no other healing modality has ever come close to the incredible way I felt walking out after even my first session. Since completing the ten “Immune Protocol” sessions the results have been nothing short of life changing. I have felt better than I have in years…my energy levels are through the roof. Additionally, and unexpectedly this divine tool has helped me to deeply connect with my source. I have felt a constant presence of spirituality in my daily life like never before.

Considering my new found exhilaration for life, I have been spreading the word about the Egg’s incredible healing power. To friends and family. For anyone looking to change their life, on multiple levels, I could not recommend this more highly.


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Doctor’s Thoughts

NORM SHEALY MD - Psychologist and founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association

“When I started the holistic approach in 1971 I incorporated music, as it has been known for many centuries to calm the savage beast. Early on I was introduced to Steven Halpern, whose Chakra Suite remains a favorite. His scores of calming and rejuvenating music are among the best. Then along came Iasos, another unique musical healer. Emmet Miller and then Bearns and Dexter added musical delights. In the later 70’s I became acquainted with Hemi-Sync, which added another healing dimension. In 1982 I explored vibratory music with Professor Olav Skille’s concept of a music bath. In 1988, thanks to another friend I was introduced to the Betar, a marvelous geodesic dome hanging and swinging bed with 10 sound transducers plus surrounding speakers for total immersion.

Finally in 2015 I was introduced to Energy Genesis, the 21th century masterpiece of light and sound therapy. It is the fastest, simplest way to enter true delta brainwave healing. Delta is the deepest state of brain activity, where all stress is modulated. It is almost impossible to feel stressed and it provides healing of body and mind with no mental or physical activity. It has been shown to help a wide variety of neurologic problems, ranging from cerebral palsy to Parkinsonism. I have just completed a study of its benefits in diabetic neuropathy and will soon be starting one on insomnia.” I consider Energy Genesis one of the most exciting and promising tools in holistic medicine and encourage true healers to add this tool.


“The Life Vessel [now, Energy Genesis] leads as one of the newest technologies in the emerging fields of natural healthcare paradigms in the 21st century. The Life Vessel supports the innate self-regulatory and self-healing capacity of the human body. All beings possess the inherent ability to produce wellness and the Life Vessel appears to activate or stimulate this ability. Energy influences every aspect of the body. Energy influences or controls the operation of ligaments, arteries and veins, cells, biochemical reactions, etc. Energy influences or controls the endocrine system that in turn strongly affects a person’s moods, personality and emotional stability. Keeping these energy fields balanced and removing blockages that deter and/or resist the flow of these subtle energies plays a major role in maintaining the body’s health and one’s sense of well-being. Balance, harmony, detox and resetting one’s body frequencies to a natural state are the key concepts of the Life Vessel. Many people are frustrated with the failure of ‘traditional medicine’ to acknowledge and treat chronic disease. The concept of trusting one’s body to heal itself may be met with skepticism. The standard medical community usually tries to eliminate symptoms such as aches and pains without ever addressing the real problem, which is the source. The Life Vessel appears to eliminate the source of chronic disease, disorder and dysfunction from environmental, emotional and / or physical trauma by creating an environment which raises the consciousness of the individual in such a way as to result in balancing every aspect of the body.”


“Energy medicine is the future of our health.”

“One of the most remarkable findings so far is a 95% reduction in Parkinson’s tremor after just two treatments”.


“The Energy Genesis does not heal you; you heal from your own immune system. The Energy Genesis employs a patented technique to non-invasively interact with a client’s autonomic nervous system (ANS)*. The technique is based on light, sound and resonant frequencies that have been found to adjust the ANS to restore a proper balance and improve clients’ health”.

“The first things stress turns off are the healing and immune systems, and when the healing and immune systems are turned back on or way up, they are capable of healing just about anything.” 


“As a medical doctor, I highly recommend this form of natural healing for anyone who wants to have more energy and zest for life. Also, anyone with any chronic condition can experience positive benefits from this safe and effective form of energy healing. Energy healing is the medicine of our time.”


“Overall, our independent research shows that the technology can help one’s autonomic nervous system (ANS) to normalize, and follow-up reports from patients suggest that the effects of this therapy can be long term. ANS monitoring shows that there is an autonomic effect associated with the technology that seems to help contribute to the patient’s overall improvement in health.”


“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you. All of the expectations, all the beliefs and becoming who you are.”