Our Facility

The LightPathways Wellness Center is located in Penryn CA right off I 80 Freeway, between Roseville and Auburn. Our facility, which is situated on a ridge overlooking the foothills has an open, spacious, homey feel, with beautiful high windows, plenty of light and fabulous art work adorning our walls.

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LightPathways Art Gallery

At LightPathways Wellness Center, visitors can also explore the LightPathways Art Gallery, which showcases the impressive works of Deborah Jones -Toohey, the owner of the center, and Jean Slatter, a talented local artist. After a 20-year friendship, the two have merged their artistic abilities, with Deborah specializing in mixed media, encaustic (wax) and fiber arts, while Jean’s exquisite, flowing, acrylic paintings adorn the walls of our serene and tranquil space.

More of Jean’s paintings can be seen at her Creative Mystic Website: https://creativemystic.com/creative-mystic-art-by-jean/ Gallery viewing is by appointment only Call ~ (916) 701-1118.

ZEN Quiet Room

A special feature offered at LightPathways is our “Zen Quiet Room” a quiet space where you can reflect following a session in either the Harmonic Egg or the Energy Genesis. With soft, adjustable lighting, the room can be used for meditation, journaling, reading, or waiting for a friend or family member to complete their session in one of the chambers. You can choose from our diverse selection of books available in our lending library to expand your knowledge in areas of interest.

Our Zen Quiet room is also used for the ionCleanse by AMD Full Body Detox (Footbath) providing a place to Just “Be” and find calm as your feet soak in soothing warm water.  It is a great escape from the busyness of our world. Bring along a friend to make it a joint adventure or just to keep you company!

Lending Library

LightPathways is excited to offer a free Lending Library for your reading pleasure. The Lending Library is our way of sharing self- help, metaphysical and spiritual books with you. In this day and age of digital everything (including books) it can be hard to find a place to get your hands on an old fashioned, physical book, where you can flip through the pages.

Lending Library Directions:

Feel free to borrow 2-3 books and keep them for a month or two. We ask that if you are not using a book, please return it so that someone else has the opportunity to utilize its knowledge. Before taking any books, please let Ryan or Deborah know which book(s) you are taking and happy reading!

We always want to expand our lending library so that more amazing books and knowledge are readily available to you and everyone at LightPathways. If you have any books that you don’t want anymore and you feel they would make a good addition to the library, please let us know. We are primarily looking for good books in the following genres: Self Help, Metaphysical, New Age, Holistic, Healthy Cooking, Clean Living and anything you think might fit into the library.

The LightPathways Lending Library is located at:

3125 Penryn Road Suite 360, Penryn CA 95663

We’d like to extend a special THANK YOU to Regina Meredith (ReginaMeredith.com) for her very generous donation to LightPathways, for the vast majority of the books available in our Lending Library, as well as thank you to Jean Slatter (https://creativemystic.com/creative-mystic-art-by-jean/) for her book donations.