Who We Are

Our Team

Deborah Jones-Toohey

Deborah has been deeply involved in the holistic world for the past 30 years using alternative and holistic modalities for her own healing and wellness. Her personal journey took her down the road of using art and creative process when she attended JFK University in the Bay Area, graduating with a Masters Degree in Transformative Arts/Holistic Studies. She has been in practice as a therapist and EMDR practitioner since 2000. At her ImagePathways Creative Arts Studio in Newcastle CA, Deborah uses art, image, sandplay and creative process with clients to help facilitate emotional healing from trauma and the stresses of our complex lives. You can learn more here: Image Pathways

She was introduced to the concept of an Energy Resonance Chamber in 2014 and set her intention to bring this incredible cutting edge technology to the Sacramento area. It took five years, but the Energy Genesis has now found a home at LightPathways Wellness Center in Penryn CA. It is a natural addition to the numerous modalities that she already employs in facilitating clients healing process. She is excited to share this incredible experience with all who are seeking a place of respite and calm in the midst of a very complex and busy lifestyle.

Ryan Toohey

After completing his BA in Psychology from Sacramento State, Ryan found himself stuck in the retail world for many years. It took more years than he would have liked, but he found his way out of that lifestyle and into something that suits him better in LightPathways. From an early age, Ryan has always had a deep interest in all things paranormal and metaphysical and he has built his belief system around various spiritual concepts. Ryan has trained in hypnotherapy and continues to take more training to improve his skill set. He will be implementing hypnotherapy options into LightPathways in the near future. Ryan enjoys playing and watching both baseball and soccer. He played baseball in high school and college and into his adult years on men’s league teams. He still plays indoor soccer. Ryan also has a love for writing and dabbles in it from time to time when the mood strikes him.

About the Center Owners

Our Promises to You Are

1.) It’s completely safe!

2.) You will be healing your body and mind instead of just masking symptoms with dangerous drugs.

3.) You will NOT experience any dangerous side-effects or dependencies/addictions that often accompany pharmaceutical drugs.

4.) Holistic modalities help your body get to a place of true health; help to strengthen your immune system and lessen your chances of dis-ease (disease) in the future.

No matter what you’re dealing with; whether it’s emotional, physical, environmental trauma or something else; whether it’s general feelings that you’re not as healthy and happy as you could be, to physical ailments, the Resonance Chamber technology should absolutely be a part of your life and healing.

We would like to have you as part of the LightPathways Wellness Center family! If you have any questions, please feel free to call for additional information or to schedule your session(s). We are here to serve you and help you reach your true health and happiness!

Strive Toward Health
The LightPathways Team
Deborah and Ryan

Our Facility

The LightPathways Wellness Center is located in Penryn CA right off I 80 Freeway, between Roseville and Auburn. Our facility, which is situated on a ridge overlooking the foothills has an open, spacious, homey feel, with beautiful high windows, plenty of light and fabulous art work adorning our walls.