Client Praises

Happy Clients Speak Out

Release of Past Physical Trauma – Cellular Memory

“The Energy Genesis session was more than relaxation for me. My first session was very emotional, not stressful, just a gentle journey inward. My second session was physical.

I experienced multiple sites of pain: foot, knee, shoulder, and side (ribs). This lasted for several minutes until I realized that every pain site was an injury from my past: foot surgery, knee injury, dislocated shoulder, and broken ribs. As soon as I made the connection that these were old injury sites, the pain dissipated almost immediately. I had experienced a healing of muscle and cell memory. I haven’t had a pain in any of those places since that session and I know that those injury sites are completely healed. Thank you, Energy Genesis!”


Mother and Daughter Together

“My daughter and I decided to try Energy Genesis together. We were a bit skeptical as my daughter has a bit of claustrophobia. We were delightfully surprised at how big the chamber was and she did not experience any claustrophobia. We enjoyed our time and by the third song were completely relaxed. I even fell asleep. When it was over Deborah came in promptly and opened it up. She gave us a beautiful cup of electrolytes that I now buy!

My daughter and I talked about the experience all the way home. Since then, I have and will continue to recommend this type of sound therapy to clients, friends and family that struggle with PTSD, depression, anxiety or if they simply need to relax. It is absolutely healing. I had some major shifts after my time in the Energy Genesis. I also recommend doing it with a loved one. The energy created together was also very healing. This is innovative and a wonderful modality for any type of healing. Deborah herself has a beautiful energy and creates a very calming atmosphere over all.” 


An Experience to Recharge the Soul

“Light Pathways Wellness Center is an amazing place run by amazing individuals. The space is welcoming and friendly and a great spot to recharge the soul. The Energy Genesis Resonance Chamber is a unique experience unlike anything else I have experienced. I will be back! I highly recommend visiting the center and getting to know Deborah and Ryan. Their expertise, intuitive knowledge and spiritual connection will be a welcome addition to your journey.”


Answer to My Question Came Suddenly…

“When I went into the session, I had a question that I was pondering. I was looking for an answer and I just knew there was one. It wasn’t that I went into the session thinking that the answer would come while I was in the Energy Genesis, but it was just a question about what next step to take in my work. When I finished the session and we were chatting about my experience, I really could not pinpoint any real big change. But then, all of a sudden, I realized that the answer had appeared and I knew which direction to go. It was quite extraordinary.”

The experience itself was very relaxing. I look forward to continued experiences with this amazing technology. Thank you so much, Deborah and company for moving forward with your own heart’s desire. This work is sure to support many people on many levels.”


Powerful Sessions of Calm, Peace and Deep Sense of Safety

“I did the three constitutive sessions in three days in the Energy Genesis. With all of them, I entered the chamber with no preconceived notions of what to expect or even for what I wanted. Each session was incredibly powerful. I felt rested, calm and peaceful.

 During my first session, I was very aware of a deep sense of “safety” which was interesting as I had a rough couple of days and was feeling very off kilter, until I entered the chamber. The music for the last session was very intense, in a good way. I left that session feeling especially light and very upbeat. The combination of light, sound and vibration is such a rich and deep experience. I will be back for many more!”


Muscles Twitch – Release of Tension

“The only reservation I had before my first session with the Energy Genesis was whether or not I would feel claustrophobic. I didn’t experience any claustrophobia during the session and I think it was because I was so relaxed. There was plenty of room to stretch around in if I wanted. I found the vibrations created by the music especially conducive to total relaxation. About 20 minutes into the session, the muscles in the right side of my body began to twitch. It felt as though my muscles were completely releasing pent up tension, which was wonderful!”


Couple’s Alignment of Energy

“My husband and I got the opportunity to try the Energy Genesis last week! We found it to be a wonderfully relaxing experience, and really enjoyed experiencing it as a couple. We had read that it can help align couples and were interested to try it. We are both very interested in mind-body connection and loved experiencing so many modalities (light, sound, and vibration) in one experience. We came out very relaxed and ready for the weekend!” 


Focus and Intent – “Aha” Moments

“I relaxed deeply in the Energy Genesis and focused on what I wanted to heal in my life. Since then, I have had some pretty amazing aha’s. I can’t wait to do it again.”


Increased Energy – An “Ohm” Experience

“My three consecutive Energy Genesis sessions provided several notable “take-aways”:

(1) each session was deeply relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable; (2) my consciousness-state remained on a noticeable high for days, subsequently; (3) personal energy has remained in a mode perhaps best described as “Let’s GO, let’s DO IT”. The EG experience is one of vibratory harmonics (which for me is the OHM feeling) – truly a blessing for one’s well-being.”


Most Relaxing Experience I Have Ever Had

“I had a time in the chamber, what a wonderful experience, I felt enfolded… in a safe, comfortable place. The vibrational music tones resounded throughout my body. “My session in the Energy Genesis was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had. The special lights were soothing, and in all it was a special time for me, my body and my mind. Deborah is so knowledgeable on so many levels, takes time to explain everything, so very kind and loving. Ryan is her excellent partner, between the two of them you feel so taken care of. I would highly recommend this vibrational healing experience”


Healing for the Healer

“I have experienced several sessions in person as well as remotely in the Harmonic Egg at LightPathways. Both are equally as effective! I do energy work myself and this is an excellent way in that I take care of myself. It clears my own energy, lowers my inflammation and my stress level in just a session!  I highly recommend this as a way to take care of you whether you have autoimmune issues, stress, or just needing a reset.”


I Regained my Sense of Smell…

“I was a bit skeptical about the whole “Egg” concept and very anxious on my first visit. Deborah and Ryan made it nothing less than comfortable for me talking through every single fear of the “unknown” that I had. My first visit opened up my nasal passages allowing me to breathe like I haven’t been able to since my car accident and brain injury 6 years ago. I lost my sense of smell from the time of the accident but can now smell strong smells which is a whole new world for me! Something I thought I had lost forever! I have done three sessions in the past few months foregoing my regular treatments of chiropractic and massage and I am elated to report that I am seeing such incredible results that I am going to be a bi-monthly regular as it seems to be a much safer, calmer, non-invasive approach than my other avenues I’ve been doing. It is much like going in for a massage, but no one is touching you! I love my time in the “Egg” to just decompress, relax, let go and release all the tensions, worries and anxieties I carry daily. Give it a try…You won’t be disappointed. I promise!”



Shift in Energy

“Your place is one of the most healing serene therapies I have done in years. Having the experience of the Harmonic Egg was so unique and revolutionary. I think my patients noticed more than I did. Several asked me what I was doing because my energy and demeanor had shifted so much with the few sessions I did. I am hoping to be able to get back to see you soon!”


Improved Sleep

“My sleep had been very poor for a few years related to work-related stress. It was difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, and go back to sleep after I’d awakened during the night. I realized that I had stopped dreaming because I didn’t sleep long enough. That made me look for something beyond a pill or potion. I was slightly anxious about feeling claustrophobic the first time, but found it cozy, comfortable, and deeply relaxing. I slept that night and had a dream!” 


Alone Time – Interesting Insights

“I have been enjoying the Energy Genesis for two and half years! For me, it is similar to cranial sacral therapy without having to talk to anyone or have anyone touch me. While I do enjoy the benefits of craniosacral, I really enjoy the alone-time I have in the Energy Genesis. I get to be with myself and there are times I’ve gone into a dream-like state and experienced interesting insights. The tingling sensation I’ve had in my arm was cleared up in about 2 sessions. My first experience was 25 mins and then I did the 3 day which I highly recommend. Since then, I’ve probably gone every 2 months or so.  Deborah and Ryan are great at listening to my concerns and picking the right combination of light and sound to help me. I personally like the Energy Genesis the best, but I have also done the Harmonic Egg and got the same relief. It works well for people who cannot lay flat on their back. It has a zero-gravity chair. I highly recommend trying out this healing method.  I’ve been able to cry and release emotions. It has been a huge help to me.

Thank you, Deborah and Ryan!!!”


Release and Rejuvenation – Migraine Bye-Bye

“What can I say! You feel like you are going off in space, you enter this chamber and your chair tilts back and I always choose a blanket for myself! Once the colors and music specially chosen for you begins, it is as if your body comes to life and you are having this completely unique and awesome experience with yourself! Sometimes I have had a lot of body sensations, imagery work such as seeing pictures or images or completely travel into another world or my favorite sanctuaries! Once I even had one of the worst migraines ever and within 5 minutes it went away miraculously. I love that there is a huge binder full of what you would like to give attention to and there are associated musical instruments and colors that may help enhance and heal whatever you would like to work on!  When the session is complete, I feel like I just had a massage, like something was released, or that I just woke up from the deepest sleep I have ever had!  Very rejuvenating and magical!”


Rett Syndrome

“Since Delaney started her sessions in the Harmonic Egg, she has been more aware of her surroundings. She is able to walk down stairs by herself (sometimes she still needs help) but when she really wants to go down the stairs and I can’t take her she definitely can go by herself. I have noticed that she is using more and different vocal sounds and tones. She laughs at appropriate situations in movies and in conversation. She wants to be included as part of the group more.”


Impact on Veterans

“Veterans who have experienced combat will invariably have post-combat tension; searing memories of destruction. These weigh heavily on the Vet’s personal scale. I’ve been a helicopter gunship as well as a medical evacuation pilot, both styles of missions flown with different configurations of the same style helicopter. So from my tour of intense combat activity, I’ve carried these memories, sights, sounds, smells, personal connections – delayed tears of remorse…The VA gave me a rating in part based on Post Traumatic Stress.

Then comes the multiple experiences of the Energy Genesis chamber. It combines light, sound, frequency, and resonance in a way that elevates me into a mental state which is so peaceful, so calming, and so refreshing. It has served to balance my personal scale.

Any Veteran can achieve this internal re-balancing, as I have. One need only focus on the recall of these hourly sessions of heavenly harmony. The internal “scale-pointers” will center on the “I’M OK” range.”


Parkinson’s – Holding Steady

“The single thing that is in my heart and on my mind after this opportunity, is I am able to finally hold a steady mirror up to myself. That mirror will allow me to understand what I am currently attempting to do (which I have been trying to do for 13 years without fully, or even halfway acknowledging that it had become so ingrained in my Parkinson’s work ethic that I ignored/overlooked the fact that it was there) to “reclaim” my place in myself, in my family, in my community, and in the world. I know that I have been working hard to be as strong and as competent as possible. I am simultaneously very familiar with my ongoing limitations and my challenges. What I did not comprehend and accept was the serious risk of delusional expectations that I can take care of my family as I thought I did 15 years ago. You may not have specifically planned it, but you provided me with the space that I clearly required in order to figure that out.”


Balance and Harmony – Spiritual Healing

“The Harmonic Egg was an uplifting and peaceful, soft experience. In our conversation ahead of time I asked for a specific type of spiritual healing. The music and lights were perfect. As I lay there, there was a neutrality to the experience and my body was very comfortable and a letting go of any concern washed over me. It was a feeling of evening out and balancing. The shift was immediate but the change in me is abstract and I can’t bring it to words. It has been about a month since my visit and I was expecting the shift to wear off a bit. I have not found that to be true. The Harmonic Egg is well worth the experience. I can’t wait till I am able to get back into it.” 


Seizure Recovery and Pain Relief

“My Dad has not taken any pain pills today after his last session… usually healing from seizures would take him weeks!! Real healing taking place! He is also in an oddly loving mood too that I don’t ever usually see him in, something is going on! Must have totally taken him out of fight or flight. Cool stuff, I’ll be letting his doctor know about the Energy Genesis on our next visit.”


Pain Relief

“I had no pain after my treatment. I’m a little tender today. I shouldn’t believe it took a week of pain in one hour! I will come back. Thank you so much!!!”


Trigeminal Neuralgia / Chronic Pain / PTSD

“After my first set of treatments, I felt emotionally and energetically better than I have in many years. It seemed like the trauma and brain injury from my car accident was completely gone. I felt like “ME” again. I would have been satisfied with that, it felt so good to be able to get through the day without being exhausted! But after the second set another whole level of healing occurred. Since a family members suicide attempt and shooting 12 years ago, I have been carrying PTSD. I now feel joy and passion for my own life again! I really didn’t think it was possible! But there is more……..I have been suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for 2 years –constant shooting pain on the right side of my face that has limited my ability to talk, eat and smile. The doctors said I was facing lifelong medication or brain surgery- not a happy prognosis. After the second treatments, the pain became worse for a few days. I was so happy about my other results I really didn’t care. The detoxing from the treatments continues on for 21 more days. Last week I noticed that the pain in my face had completely disappeared! No drums, no bugles – it was just gone! I am pain-free and I can smile again!”


Increased Focus on Schoolwork and More…

From a client’s mom (child is 7): “Dad was very impressed with the school work today! He did 11/12 problems in one minute for the speed drill (yesterday was 5/12). Using flashcards with mixed operations (add/subtract/mult./divide), He answered 28 cards in 2 minutes. Dad said that there were times that he couldn’t get 28 in 5 minutes in the last couple months. He kept begging Dad to teach him trigonometry! After the lesson was done, Dad gave an intro to high school/college level trig. He was very participatory and involved – he had a wonderful time! Dad said “get that kid in Energy Genesis again!” 


Calm and Gratitude

“The day after my session in the Egg, I felt deeply calm. Everything seemed to slow down a bit, but in a peaceful way. I felt waves of heart opening and intense gratitude. Nothing specific had changed in my life, while all had become more beautiful. It’s hard to put into words exactly what my session did, but something certainly happened. Very lovely and powerful. I look forward to my next session. Thanks so much. It’s wonderful you offer this powerful modality.”


Pain Relief

“I loved the whole experience. By the time I left after the sessions I was feeling little to no stress. The pains I had in my back and hips were little to none.”


My Cranial Osteopath is Very Impressed with the Differences in My Energy!

“My cranial osteopath is very impressed with the differences in my energy and body response since being in the resonance chamber. He has been waiting a long time for my self-healing mechanism to kick in, and it is now happening; that has been the holy grail of our treatment plan. Now things can start to heal! He’s able to work with me in a different, less directive way. I’m also feeling a bit better; more robust and slightly lower pain levels day to day I’d say. I came back from the States in pretty good shape really in terms of my back etc.”


Fibromyalgia and Heavy Metal Poisoning

“I’m so impressed! I was disabled from nursing in 1998 w/Fibromyalgia and Heavy Metal Poisoning. Here is a listing of what I’ve seen changes in: – loosening of fascia – increased healing in shoulder injuries, metal detoxing w/o symptom, lung expansion, faster clearing of stubborn toenail fungus unresolved from old injury – decrease in the need of digestive supplementation – better focus, peace, and improved sleep – more satisfied w/smaller meal portions… Thanks”


A Runner Had to Stop Running from Ankle Pain…

“I used to be a runner. I had a fairly consistent 17-22 mile/week running routine. About 6 years ago, my health took a pretty dramatic turn for the worse and running became a struggle. I still persisted though…even training for and running a 1/2 marathon. Around this time, I started having issues with my right ankle. I did all the standard stuff, physical therapy, casts, boots, orthotics…etc. The pain would go away for a short time only to reappear in a different area in the ankle. So, I stopped running all together and even had to curtail walking very far. In fact, the day before my session I went out for a 3 mile walk and limped the whole last mile home. When I was in the Egg, my right foot was “manipulated” at least twice. It felt like a chiropractic type of movement – the foot was manipulated in a circular movement. Yesterday I went out for a walk and was suddenly driven to start to run. I ran about a mile with absolutely no pain…but the most important part is that the ankle feels 100% today! Woot Woot!! I’m so excited to be able to get back into running again!”


Hair Growth

“This is my hair growth miracle one after each of my appointments in the new technology. December, January and February I only had one appointment per month and I have had amazing results. I felt like I had tried everything before, I changed my diet, I went completely natural, no hair dyes nor traditional shampoo or conditioners, just baking soda but nothing was working. Not only did this last appointment help me release a past I couldn’t before, it fixed my hair growth, helped my business and I even matched four numbers on a lottery ticket which I had never before done. Talk about a miracle!” 


Sports Injuries and Chronic Pain

“I have multiple physical issues. I don’t regret one minute of this experience. The mild pain I’ve had in both of my hands is now gone! Pain in both of my knees, due to playing sports growing up, is now gone. Slipped a disc in my back some 30 years ago and have been going to a chiropractor ever since. It was getting to the point just sitting on my recliner the nerves in my back were bothering me and just couldn’t get comfortable. Right now it’s feeling better than it ever has with no nerve issues. I’ve had this smaller than pea size cyst on the inside of my thigh for the last couple of years. Following my sessions it was completely gone and has not re-appeared! This whole experience for me has not only been a blessing, but a great experience!  I believe if you go into this with positive thoughts, you’ll come out with positive results.”  


A Lot of Pain Went Away…

“I had a wonderful experience in the resonance chamber. I feel that it helped with a lot of issues I was having. A lot of my pain went away and I felt more centered. The actual experience inside the chamber was amazing – I felt like the music was moving through my body and I was floating. It was one the most beautiful and relaxing experiences I have ever had.”



“Outstanding! As a parent of an Autistic child, both Dad and I witnessed a true breakthrough with our child’s behavior, sentence structure and anxiety! It was amazing. When our son came home from his session everybody in the house noticed a huge change. He was at ease and friendly to the neighbors and starting conversations with everyone and truly vested in conversation with many friends and family. He is drinking the water as he doesn’t want to “lose” anything! Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 


Lichen Scherosis

“I have a chronic condition called lichen sclerosis. I now know it is in remission after my treatments. I also detoxed and relieved a lot of stress because I was not sleeping well a night. Now I’m falling right to sleep and staying asleep all night. You do not have to have a chronic condition to enjoy the warmth and stress-free relaxation.”


Pain Greatly Reduced – Almost None!

The pain has been so low, barely a 1. I had my last session 3 weeks ago.  I have only used my pain lotion twice since then. No longer a 2x daily need. I have only used it 2 times in 3 weeks. I can still over do things in a day, so I have to watch my activity. But, I can tell my autonomic nervous system is finally learning how to stop reacting to perceived trauma. So exciting!


Ganglion Cyst

“The biggest change was a ganglion cyst on my thumb, which had been there for several months, is now gone! I feel like another session very soon would be the best way to continue the healing with the thumb. Loved the Egg session!” 


Spiritual Enhancement

“I consider myself a super sensitive spiritual being. My life path has been as a healer, consequently I continually find myself needing to be connected with our source and centered. My experience in the Harmonic Egg was a heightened awareness of my connection with the Divine Oneness. It was illuminating and transcendent. It was like an ascension chamber. I look forward to using this tool to experience connection on a regular basis.”


Reduce Inflammation and Menopause

“I need a few more Egg sessions. The first two calmed down my right knee and substantially lessened the swelling in my left knee. I can even close my right hand into a fist, which hasn’t happened in a long time. Oh, and one weird side effect was I have literally been cold for seven years, it’s a post-menopause thing. All of a sudden, I don’t need a jacket all the time. My body temp seems normal which is a Total BONUS!”



“I was experiencing stomach problems, and decided to do an Energy Genesis session. It might be one of the best decisions I ever made, in the Energy Genesis I experienced great detoxification, I could smell acid leaving my body. I felt euphoric at times. In the chamber time did not exist. As a result of my session, I feel great and my stomach has no more problems. It feels like a weight has been lifted off me. And I even look better, much younger now, and looking forward to my next appointment. I want to be fully and completely healthy.” 


Wound Healing

“Last year I spent 9 months with an open wound thanks to an allergic reaction from a pain patch and could not enjoy any time by the pool or reservoirs. Dermatologists and doctors could not heal it. After several months of the resonance chamber sessions, this 3″ x 1” wound healed as cells began to regenerate and move again in my body, getting out of their stagnant state. I am so grateful to enjoy this again.” 


Doctor Took Me Off My Pills After Energy Genesis Sessions!

“I took a very bad fall. The left side of my face was very bruised, swollen and I broke every blood vessel in my eye. I was also on the verge of diabetes and had high blood pressure. After two sessions the bruising and swelling was significantly better and all the red in my eye was gone. When I got home, I had to go back to see my doctor. My diabetes test was excellent and my blood pressure was normal. So, I was taken off all my pills.”


Relief from Arthritis and Improved Heart Issues

“I feel I am slowly getting better, I have hardly any fluid buildup in my legs each night anymore so I feel my heart is getting stronger again and my hands have less and less pain in them from the arthritis also. I am off the Zantac also, been off it for a couple weeks now.”


Diabetes and Fertility Issues

“My wife and I heard good things and because we both have high stressful careers we knew that our bodies were not functioning optimally. I have had problems with my liver for years and  I was experiencing pre-diabetic symptoms as well as problems with weight loss. It was recommended to have pre blood work as a baseline before sessions, which we did. Post sessions blood testing showed my liver results are all normal (which was previously high ALT, AST and Bilirubin) as well as my kidney results (which was low Creatinine). In addition, my triglycerides came back into normal ranges and my platelet count increased more towards the medium range of normal. My glucose dropped slightly and my diabetes symptoms seem to be better. We are planning to go back many more times to keep things moving in the right direction for better health. There were other changes, but those seemed to be the ones that stood out the most. Also am sure it is all related but after 18 months of my wife and I trying to get pregnant not long after the first visit we finally got pregnant!!!”


Balance in a World Filled with Chaos…

“The experience is a restorative emotional and physical response to light and sounds, promoting a sense of internal balance and well-being. It uses frequencies, vibration, sound and light waves to bring the body into balance from a world filled with chaos. Everyone has stress and trauma in their lives and most visits to the doctor can be traced back to stress or trauma. After the first 10 minutes in the chamber, I went into the deepest space rest/meditation. It was divine. I am already jonesing to go back. If you want to trip balls naturally, I highly recommend you check this out.


Insomnia No More!

“I had insomnia for eight years and have been told by many healthcare people over the years that it was my adrenals causing too much cortisol. After discussion at the center, I was told it was probably my nervous system. After one session in the Harmonic Egg my nervous system calmed down and I never had insomnia again. I had been to all kinds of health facilities and used many different modalities trying to heal this, so it was a miracle in my life.”


Clarity and Clearing of Toxins

“I experienced an all-knowing clarity and biological clearing of the toxins in my body. The Harmonic Egg is mirroring Mother Gaia’s energy”


Our Boys Are Calmer and More Focused Doing Homework…

“Our boys went in their first session in the Harmonic Egg yesterday. They are 7 and 9 years and this is their next step in their “Journey to Wellness.” Today after school, they asked for their snack and then played outside. They did not fight and follow each other around. Then William asked, during playing, to do his homework on the computer.

Let me write this again so I can believe it. He has lived here for a year. He has never asked to do his homework and it is like herding cats to get him to do homework.  Andrew then played with his Legos while William did his homework for over an hour. I had to separate them to get their work done. Normally they also try to find each other to see what the other is doing. They each stayed in their own space. They seem calmer and more focused tonight… A great start.”


Reduce Anxiety – Quiet My Mind

“For someone who has dealt with anxiety for years, I was blown away by how the Harmonic Egg was able to help quiet my mind and allowed me to feel more centered in just a few sessions. I have yet to find anything that has helped me so much as the Harmonic Egg and I highly recommend giving it a try.”


Deep Connection to Source – Spirituality

“As far as my treatments, I must emphasize that no other healing modality has ever come close to the incredible way I felt walking out after even my first session. Since completing the ten “Immune Protocol” sessions the results have been nothing short of life changing. I have felt better than I have in years…my energy levels are through the roof. Additionally, and unexpectedly this divine tool has helped me to deeply connect with my source. I have felt a constant presence of spirituality in my daily life like never before.

Considering my new found exhilaration for life, I have been spreading the word about the Egg’s incredible healing power. To friends and family. For anyone looking to change their life, on multiple levels, I could not recommend this more highly.” 


Soul Massage…Energy Shifts…Beautiful Vision…Profound Message

“I have been fortunate enough to have experienced multiple Egg sessions on separate sessions. Every session is a unique and profound healing experience depending on where you are on your life/soul journey… or if you have physical ailments. Set your intention and let go of any expectations and you will receive exactly what you need in the moment. Sometimes a deep soul massage, sometimes an energetic shift/alignments, and sometimes you swear “you didn’t fall asleep” but then wake up with a beautiful vision or a profound message to interpret. It is super safe, super intriguing and super fun! I absolutely love and highly recommend the Harmonic Egg to anyone, any age…or any species!” 


I Felt Peaceful, Rearranged and Reconnected…

“My experience in the Egg was extraordinary. I felt happy in my heart as soon as I saw It but then the experience of being in it and taking the healing journey it offers is profound. I didn’t want to speak afterwards and needed 20 minutes or so to feel ready to leave the building and want to engage with the outside world. I felt peaceful, rearranged and reconnected. Inventor. Gail Lynn is a beautiful soul who has created a brilliant device for the world, I am immensely grateful!”


Regulate Stress Hormones on a Cellular Level…

“As a competitive endurance athlete, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and co-owner of a successful healing center for the past 10 years, I continually search for holistic forms of medicine that safely supports myself and our client’s systems to function optimally. The Harmonic Egg offers a powerful, customized, combination of vibration, light therapy and sound therapy that gently activates the body’s energy systems to improve circulation and promote regulation of stress hormones on a cellular level. It has become a part of my weekly maintenance plan because I have not only experienced improved performance and recovery time, but, my overall immune function, energy and quality of sleep are better too!

I highly encourage taking time to invest in your health and experience the healing benefits of the Harmonic Egg for yourself. In a stressful world where our nervous system is on overload, give yourself the gift to go “in Utero ” with the Harmonic Egg. It is time to fully relax, quiet the mind, and reset your sympathetic nervous system. Your body and spirit will thank you.”


Healing Energy Moving – Emotional Release

“When my session starts it is amazing how I always feel something targeting whatever area is hurting me and has been giving me the most problems. It doesn’t hurt, just a feeling that something is happening. It eventually works around my body touching and going through to any place that has been injured or needs healing, I’ve felt totally tranquil throughout a session or cried when I had something to release and let go of. There is usually a point when I fall asleep. I usually wake myself up snoring. I always come out of the Egg feeling totally relaxed and completely stress free.”