Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is resonance chamber technology?
A) Resonance Chamber technology is the cutting edge of holistic healing technology/relaxation therapy. LightPathways Wellness Center houses both the Harmonic Egg and the Energy Genesis Resonance Chambers. Both non-invasively releases emotional, physical, and environmental trauma and toxins from your body by employing light, sound, frequency, and vibration to counter any dis-ease in your body, bringing your body back into balance. By resetting your cells to a healthy frequency, your body is able to naturally and effectively heal itself quickly and painlessly.
Q) Is this technology just for people who are ill?
A) No. This technology is for anyone who wants to stay healthy using relaxation therapy in a non-invasive way. The resonance chamber technology is for anyone who wants to detox their body, release negative emotions from past experiences (which nearly everyone has), reduce inflammation and stress, have more energy, and feel better every day. If you do happen to be suffering from an illness, the resonance chamber may very well become your best friend.
Q) What kind of conditions / illnesses does the technology work with?

A) Clients have reported results from all kinds of conditions and illnesses. Everyone is different so everyone will have different results. We find that the body was marvelously designed and knows what to do given the chance. As one client stated following a session, “It is not there to specifically treat one illness, malady or injury. It puts you in a position of relaxation that allows your body to heal itself. You can sense you’re healing in other areas of your body that you never went there to treat.” ~ Jonathan

Conditions shared by clients where the resonance chamber has helped facilitate healing:

  • Chronic Pain/Migraines
  • Depression/Emotional/Psychological imbalances
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • PTSD
  • Viruses
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Post surgical recovery
  • Weight gain
  • Addiction and addictive behaviors
  • Sleep dysfunction
  • ADHD/Stress/Anxiety
  • Digestive Issues
  • Reduce Inflammation and more…
Q) Can I use the technology if I have metal in my body?

A) Yes, we have safely served clients with all kinds of metal parts, plates and hardware inside their body.

Q) Can I use the technology if I have a pacemaker?

A) Yes, we have safely served clients with pacemakers.

Q) Can pregnant women use the chamber?

A) Yes, pregnant women can safely use both Harmonic Egg and the Energy Genesis. The session is for the baby. Mom is holding the space for both self and baby to have a stress free experience!

Q) Can babies and children use the chamber?

A) Yes, both the Harmonic Egg and the Energy Genesis are safe and beneficial to for babies and children. A parent can be in the chambers with a younger child. Older children can enter the chambers by them selves. This is determined on a case-by-case basis. In the Harmonic Egg, a baby or very young child must be held on a parents lap at all times. We have had children as young as eight weeks in the chambers.

Q) Is there an application for couples / family members and when is it recommended that two people use the chamber together?

A) Yes, The Energy Genesis is a great option to strengthen the relationship between couples or parent and child, to promote better communication. When couples or a child and parent are not communicating and want to get to a place where they are talking “to” each other versus “at” each other, this is a great option to try. It elevates both individuals to a similar thought form and frequency and may help harmonize communication more easily with each other. By putting two people on the same healing frequency, they are able to communicate better and understand each other better. So, if you and your spouse or child wants to communicate more effectively, doing a session or set of sessions can dramatically help you. (Pricing is adjusted for two individuals)

Q) What if I am claustrophobic?

A) A question often asked. Both the Harmonic Egg and Energy Genesis chambers are very spacious inside. There is a buzzer close at hand in each and if your really uncomfortable we can leave the doors cracked a bit. Most people who consider themselves claustrophobic find the chambers have ample room and feel comfortable.

Q) How long is a session?

A) Sessions in both the Harmonic Egg and the Energy Genesis last for 50 minutes. There is 40 minutes of healing frequency music and then a POWERFUL 10 minutes of silence in the chamber to integrate (incubate) the session.

Q) What is a set of sessions?

Harmonic Egg­ – A set of sessions consists of one 50-minute session every 5-7 days for approximately three to ten (3-10) sessions for optimal results.  

A) Energy Genesis – A set of sessions is three, 50-minute sessions over three consecutive days for optimal results. Sets of sessions may be repeated after 21 days.

Q) Why do I have to do a set of three sessions in the Energy Genesis first?

A) The results from a set of three sessions is more powerful in facilitating deeper emotional and physical healing. A session of three will last longer and be more effective than a single session, especially if you’re just starting to deal with your condition or illness. If you have a chronic or long standing condition, a series of three sessions is recommended until you achieve the level of wellness you desire. Doing sets of three puts your body into a healthy frequency state right away and allow your reset to begin.

Q) Will I always need to do sets of sessions in the Energy Genesis?

A) No, many people with chronic conditions can do sets of sessions until they feel they have achieved a level of wellness that they want to obtain. The longer you have been ill, the more sessions you are likely to require. However, we don’t know what the body is capable of doing and we have seen some people require more / less than others typically do. It’s up to your body to do the healing and we provide the environment by which it can do so naturally.

Q) When is a single session for one person recommended?

A) Harmonic Egg- Single sessions on a weekly basis work best for this technology. A session can be done every 5-7 days. It is recommended to initially do a series of 3-10 sessions for optimal results. Deciding to do ongoing sessions allows you to counteract stress in your day-to-day life, reduce inflammation, and support the detoxing process, while fostering harmony within your body.

Energy Genesis – Single sessions are recommended when you have already done an initial set of three sessions and wish to continue your healing. After 21 days resuming with single sessions allows your body to continue releasing emotional, physical, and environmental traumas. Ongoing sessions allow you to counteract stress in your day-to-day life, reduce inflammation, and support the detoxing process, while fostering harmony within your body.

Q) What is the Optimal Wellness Membership program (OWM)?

A) Harmonic Egg – OWM provides you with one session a month for maintenance, at a discounted rate. Additional sessions per month may be added at discounted rate for more chronic conditions.

Energy Genesis -Upon completing an initial set of three sessions you can choose to become a OWM member, which provides you with one sessions a month, at a discounted rate as well as additional sessions as desired.

OWM requires a 6-month commitment to you health regime.

Q) What are the advantages of becoming an OWM Member?

A) Memberships save you money and allow you to reserve your space at LightPathways each month for either chamber. We can only accept a limited number of people to do sessions each month and those spots go to member’s first. If you’re a member, you’re in!  Plan a time for your self  and take a breather in the midst of your busy life. You will be glad you did! This commitment to your wellness regime requires automatic billing for each month.

Q) What should I expect from the session/sessions?

Everyone is different. One possibility is that you could experience a burst of energy as the sessions boost the vitality of the cells, organs and tissues and raise your vibration. If this happens don’t over exert yourself. Conserve your energy for healing. It’s not uncommon to first experience an increase in energy and then gradual fatigue as your cells use the energy to release toxins and heal.

A second possibility is that you might not feel much difference. This too is normal and acceptable. It can mean that your body is using the energy to repair and cleanse at a very deep level. We often see this response in people who are either quite debilitated or already pretty healthy and stable.

A third possibility is that you might become fatigued or even exhausted while the body is healing. You could develop brain fog (from the releasing of toxins / detoxing, but it will flush out by drinking water). Headaches, achiness or other signs that your body is releasing stored toxins can follow a session. You are asked to drink a lot of water to flush. Don’t try to push through the feelings of being tired…just rest!  You will be able to work and function during the day, but you should plan to rest and not over book yourself after your daily commitments.

Q) Do I have to do anything while I am in a session?

A) No, you simply relax, be open to releasing and letting go. The resonance chambers will do their magic no matter what. All you have to do is rest quietly and enjoy the experience. And it’s OK to take a nap. It is still working if you are awake or asleep.

Q) Do I have to do anything special following my session(s)?

A) We ask that you make your personal health a priority in your life and especially during and for a little while after your sessions. What we mean by this is:

  • Be kind to yourself
  • Drink plenty of water; more than you normally would
  • Don’t do any strenuous exercise for three days after a single session (Harmonic Egg or Energy Genesis) and ten days after a set of 3 consecutive sessions in the Energy Genesis
  • Eat healthy, whole foods and prioritize lean proteins
  • Avoid caffeine, sugar, and alcohol
  • Reschedule dental work, massages and other forms of energy work (cranial sacral, homeopathy, Reiki, acupuncture, biofeedback, etc.) for the integration period of about 5-7 days with the Harmonic Egg and 14 days for the Energy Genesis (following an initial set of 3 sessions). Let your body integrate what the resonance chambers are designed to do…allow your body to naturally heal.
Q) Do you guarantee results?

A) No, per the FDA and other government organizations we cannot make any claims or guarantee anyone results. Since each client is different, we can never tell what results any individual will receive. Each session can be different.

The statements made or services provided through this website or by LightPathways Wellness Center are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Testimonials regarding the technology are voluntarily given and do not necessarily represent the opinions of LightPathways. The services provided by LightPathways are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.