Our world looks different and these are challenging times for both children and parents as we navigate the many changes in the education system: remote learning, new school limitations and regulations. We find ourselves facing new ways of “being a family.” From, parents remotely working from home, possible changes in school settings, or home school for the first time, resulting in loss of friendships, as well as possible loss of focus and motivation. These are unprecedented times and change can be overwhelming and cause stress to both children and parents. Children of all ages “littles to tweens and teens” love sessions in the Harmonic Egg and Energy Genesis. They are able to either sit in the Harmonic Egg or lay down in the Energy Genesis to experience a quiet time in the midst of the chaos of the outside world.

All children can experience the calming benefits of the resonance chambers through listening to soothing healing music, which helps de-stress and stabilize moods, as well as address other childhood issues. A parent can be in the Energy Genesis with the child or a parent can hold a “small” child on their lap in the Harmonic Egg. It can become a bonding experience for both parent and child to help strengthen the parent-child relationship.

We have different programs to meet your individual family needs. Let us help you look at options and create a plan that works best for your personal situation.