Remote / Distance Sessions

The idea of remote/distance healing is becoming more widely accepted in a world of alternative/healing modalities. The power of prayer would be considered a way of offering healing from afar. We say “I will pray for you” and assume that our prayers are being heard and answered. Prayer is a focused energy with the specific intent of bringing healing to person/thing being prayed for, Energy and intent know no limitations and cross time and space.

LightPathways has the option of doing remote/distance sessions. We approach a remote session as if you were sitting in the room with us, gathering all the same information that we do in a face-to-face appointment and choose your songs and color according to your individual needs. Although there is more power in physically being in the resonance chamber remote sessions are a great way to experience the magic of energy healing.

When might a remote session be advisable?

  • If you live out of the area
  • If you are unable to get transportation or physically cannot drive to our center
  • If you have symptoms of illness that might infect others
  • If you are uncomfortable in venturing into the world.
  • If you have a pet in need of healing support
  • If you feel your house /land needs clearing

Focused intent combined with sound and light, specifically chosen for your individual need, can help move energy in a way that promotes healing.

Remote/distance healing works… Praises from a happy client~

“I am doing remote sessions because my pain level causes difficulty with driving. Originally, I anticipated needing many sessions to see any improvements but to my surprise, I received significant pain relief in the first 24 hours and was finally able to sleep without any medications! After just the first session I also noticed opening in my chest, upper back and neck, areas I had been trying to stretch for years in yoga but never could quite get. The pain is not resolved but every day I notice improvements in mobility, strength, and general well-being. As with all healing I think the Harmonic Egg is just one piece to an overall healing regiment but it is a major component for me. I plan to keep it as one of my many tools for years to come.”
CW (Sausalito)

Click here to access the Remote/Distance Harmonic Egg Protocol for Client and Pets