What to Expect

For your initial series.

Harmonic Egg – Doing a single session every 5 – 7 days is best for the Egg technology, giving your body time to integrate, release and re-cooperate. You want to really commit to your healing and sign up for 3-10 sessions in a row for the most complete and thorough results.

Energy Genesis – For best results it is suggested that you use the Energy Genesis chamber once a day for three consecutive days to begin your healing process. Then maintenance sessions, on a less frequent basis, is suggested.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes for both the Harmonic Egg and the Energy Genesis.

It is like a whole body tune up. This allows time for the body to relax enough to begin to naturally de-stress, create new energy and detox from emotional and environmental toxins.

Your session will include a 10 minute quiet time prior to leaving the Harmonic Egg or the Energy Genesis chamber.

This allows for your body time to start integrating and begin the re-balancing/resetting process. There is also a quiet area (when available) where you may spend a short time following your session, before you re-enter the real world.

It is all about relaxation and enjoying your session.

It is important to nurture yourself, get plenty of rest, eat healthy meals, and drink lots of water. These are imperative so that your body can integrate the light, sound, frequency and vibrations of the Energy Genesis.


Your Energy Genesis session will aide your body in detoxing, but proper hydration is needed to move the toxins along and out of the body. When using these frequencies results are enhanced by drinking 60-90 ounces of water a day for 7-21 days. If you have a raw diet less water is ok due to the hydrating effects of raw foods. Proper hydration is vital to detoxification. It is also recommended to periodically enhance your water with high quality electrolytes. High quality Superieur Electrolytes can be purchased from LightPathways.

Client responsibility before, during and after a session

  • We ask you to take responsibility for all aspects of your health and well being; to honestly evaluate your life and invite the possibility of change. To gain the most value during your days here we suggest that you:
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early to center and be ready to enter the Energy Genesis chamber unhurried.
  • Wear loose, casual, comfortable clothes and minimal jewelry.
  • Avoid wearing lotions or perfumes on the day of your session(s). We are a “Fragrance Free” Zone.
  • Be open to self-exploration and welcome the possibility of change for the better.
  • Eat well and have plenty of healthy protein.
  • REMEMBER: Drink lots of water (60-90 ounces a day following sessions) It’s important in flushing toxins out of your body.
  • Avoid caffeine, sugar and alcohol as best as you can.
  • Drink electrolytes immediately following your session and for 21 days following the session. The brand we recommend is Superieur Electrolytes, which may be purchased from LightPathways or online. Replenishing electrolytes will ensure that your body is well balanced and hydrated properly.
  • If possible, rest and take a nap following your session. If you have to return to work, try and make the remainder of you day as quiet as possible.
  • Get plenty of adequate sleep at night.
  • Limit exercise to mild exercise for 3 days if you do one session and 7 days when doing 3 session protocol.
  • Reschedule dental work, massages and other forms of energy work (cranial sacral, homeopathy, Reiki, acupuncture, biofeedback, etc.) during your 3 session protocol and the following 21 day period of integration.
  • Following your first set of sessions, it’s important to book your next session(s) as soon as possible (ideally before leaving the office). We pre-schedule and want to give you priority since you have already begun your sessions. We are here to support you on your journey and want to help you continue moving forward without any delays in scheduling. If you choose not to book your next sessions following your visit, we can not guarantee how long you may have to wait for your next session.